“80 % of all illnesses originate in polluted drinking water. More than a billion people live without clean drinking water that is free of pathogenic germs. Hundreds of thousands die every year from drinking contaminated water.”

[Beyond Scarcity: Power, Poverty and the Global Water Crisis. An Analysis of the 2006 UNDP]

Eco Solar Water station Mark III


Quality drinking water

Microorganisms are destroyed by a strong UV-C disinfection process without using any chemicals or forced demineralisation

Eco Innovation Group is a german production and development company, located in Munich. We represent a proven approach, visionary engineering and many years of experience in water treatment....

Eco Innovation Group ́s Water treatment systems work with direct current DC and 12 V low voltages and use renewable energy provided by solar modules. 99.99 % of the prevailing pathogenic contaminants can be....

Water that has been treated with an Eco Solar water station can be drunk without hesitation...

In close cooperation with aid agencies, NGOs, states, governments, ministries, WHO, UN and many organizations & associations, the ECO INNOVATION GROUP realizes sustainable help for self-help, for the water-suffering people on our planet.


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